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The amphibian heart

a missive towards a dejected loved one

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CHPT. V: Married to the silence

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CHPT. I: When the Azure Meets Pitch-Black

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CHPT. VI: Devils May Cry




Devils May Cry



Rite of Becoming

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Night of the Raven

My name is MIKOŁAJ KRZACZEK. I am a polish metal musician, artist, video editor, storyteller, and a semi-professional mixing/mastering engineer who works under the name THAMNOS.Most of my free time I spend on my music project, which is a one-man metal band that plays in a wide variety of subgenres (the main ones being Melodic Death, Symphonic, Doom, Black and Epic Metal including Ambient, Folk and Electronic elements).The main idea behind the project is that every album tells a unique story that is divided into chapters (songs). Every story takes place in the same original universe called THE CHRONICLES OF THAMNOS (see the MUSIC tab for more information).I also work on my YOUTUBE channel, which consists of metal covers and content related to metal music, art, and pop culture.Besides my music, I also run a home-based music studio in which I work for other people as a mixing and mastering engineer. People can order via my FIVERR page.I would like to make music engineering my primary source of income in the near future.

My adventure with music began in 2010, at the age of 12, when I got my first (classical) guitar for Christmas.Even back then I knew that this will be something special in my life because I have long dreamed of playing the guitar, unfortunately, because I come from a poorer family, buying a guitar was not an option especially because I was very young.I could not wait to learn how to play this wonderful instrument. I did not have the opportunity to attend guitar lessons, so the only source of knowledge I had was the internet (especially youtube and guitar tab pages).At the same time, when I was developing my guitar skills, I also tried to sing (which my family always complimented and considered very good despite my lack of skills and technique), however, I was not confident enough to go beyond the family circle with my vocals.

How it all started

my first (and last) band

When I was in junior high school, I joined a school music band. I knew that it would broaden my horizons, teach me how to play in a band, live performances, and how to get used to playing in front of the audience. In addition, I met many people there who had similar musical interests to me.Especially a few people stood out from among this group because they were interested in metal music in the same way as I was. During this period I got my second (electric) guitar. Together with my friends, we decided to start our first metal band, which at that time did not have any bass player, vocalist, or name. This period was very turbulent because we had constant changes in the band composition, quarrels about who should be the leader, who will be on the vocals, how our songs should sound, what should we be called, etc.We played our first 'concert' (instrumental cover of Metallica's Enter Sandman) at the school disco. At that time I also started writing my first authorial song which I called Piekło Zwane Ziemią (eng. 'Hell Called Earth').After some changes, our band stabilized and had a permanent composition. It included me on the guitar, Michał Hetmańczuk on the lead guitar, and Konrad Olszak on drums. We still did not have a bass player (and we did not have it for the next few years, because in our town it was difficult to find a musician playing this instrument).When we were wondering who could be recruited to our band for vocals, I came up with the idea that I would sing (which at the beginning was negatively accepted and I was laughed at). Due to the lack of volunteers, the rest of the band decided that I would be better than nobody. Ultimately I became the lead singer and started working on my confidence.


THAMNOS is a music project that focuses on original stories told through the lyrical content of the albums.Every album is divided into chapters (songs) and tells a unique story.However, every story occurs in a different time and place of one consistent universe called
To read the details about the lore (characters, places, events, etc.) go to The Chronicles of Thamnos website by clicking the button bellow

Atmospheric/Melodic Death Metal

Isle of Hollow Souls' is the second album and the first LP from the project Thamnos. The story takes place in the original universe called 'The Chronicles of Thamnos'The plot in the album focuses on the desolate journey of a man, who is stuck on an abandoned island after his ship crashes in a storm caused by a rare event called ‘The Eternal Night’. He is forced to live a life of solitude, with the remnants of hope that he is not completely alone.
Throughout his journey, he begins to contemplate this life of loneliness, going deeper into the island.
Eventually, he discovers what he has desired to find the most. However, it was not exactly the way he imagined it.

Folk/Melodic Death Metal

Night of the Raven is a three song album which tells the story of the most important event in 'The Chronicles of Thamnos'.The demonic goddess Raven breaks free from her preternatural cage to wreak havoc and destroy humankind.
Only one person can stop her, her own brother - the almighty god Thamnos, using one of the dying men as his vessel.

Original Music

My other creations

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